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Equipment at DPR

DPR Limited has invested heavily in equipment over the last 10 years.  Our extensive range of resources includes high access equipment, specialised safety equipment and much more.  We are always upgrading and checking to ensure they meet industry accreditation guidelines.

Our most recent purchases include a specialised cherry picker and a portable man anchor.  The bespoke cherry picker we have allows us to reach up to 60 foot sideways, making those usually difficult spots easy to access.  This allows us to perform jobs that others cannot, putting us in a better position than our competitors.  Our portable man anchor is used by employees when working near to the roof edge where there is no protection provided by the client.  It is easy and quick to assemble allowing us to repair a problematic roof or carry out safe maintenance without having to factor in extra time to set up rails on the roof edge.

These are just two examples of the high-level equipment DPR Limited have and help to demonstrate our commitment to providing the best quality as well as safest roofing services across the Yorkshire region.  Whether you require our services for a domestic property or a large commercial building you can be assured that the equipment we use and the service we provide is leading edge.

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COVID-19 Customer Update

After careful consideration and based on further guidance received from the Government we have decided to re-open for business from Tuesday 14th April to provide services following strict procedures that comply with the COVID-19 guidelines. We are still able to quote and complete all roofing problems and we are maintaining a safe distance to keep our […]

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